Monday, September 7, 2009

some clangers for Janet

Our dear faithful friend Janet Hale from Carshalton Beeches reads this blog and prays for us daily, she is also great at sending us news about church family which really helps us feel in touch. She told us the date of friends' golden wedding anniversary this weekend so Scott was able to surprise them with a phone call on the day!

Well she asked me if we had dropped any clangers as we try and communicate in spanish . The answer is yes many, and although people are polite sometimes they can't hide their amusement.Here are a few to amuse you

1 receta means recipe and prescription , recibo means receipt. The word receta sounds like it should mean receipt so Anjanette often confuses her patients saying they need to take a receipt when she means to say take this prescription!!

2 Sopa means soup, Jabon means soap , we confused Goya our home help saying we needed soup for the bathroom , not helped by Samuel now calling it sopa de bano!

3 Dientes means teeth, dentista means dentist, in his sermon yesterday Scott was talking about a daily routine and how reading our bible must be part of that routine. Every day we get up, get dressed have breakfast and clean our dentist !!

4 Debil means weak, delgado means thin. When talking about how our western stomachs are not used to eating all types on peruvian food Scott said he has a thin stomach!!!

and believe me there are many more but God is good and really helping us with spanish, our communication skills are rapidly improving, the kids are talking fluently and Jessica is reading and writing really well in spanish too, from time to time Samuel still like to speak his own language Jupiter (pronounced hoo-pi-tair) Please keep praying for us as we learn the language!

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