Monday, September 7, 2009

La Fragancia de la Mujer

Anjanette attended a conference last week called La Fragancia de la Mujer, a couple hundred delegates from different evangelical churches in Cusco were there. Everyone was given a badge with a blue ribbon saying delegate but if you were a minister's wife you had the privelege of a badge with a pink ribbon saying pastora ! 60 pentecostal ladies from Lima came to take part , all ages and shapes and sizes all wearing identical light pink suits, they sang a song (which the pianist didn't know )about women in the bible and then they did a dance using silk cushions with tiaras placed on top of the cushions! in peruvian style it started 1 hr late so unfortunately they cut out most of the songs then they had 3 women preach pretty much one after the other with no comfort breaks ! listening to 3 spanish sermons was a bit much for me but I managed to stay with them for most of it! In some ways quite a bizarre experience I'm not really used to pink suited cushion dancing 3 sermon in a row conferences BUT there was no mistaking the passion that these ladies have for God , the preaching of God's word was powerful and it was really a privilege to join with other christian ladies from Cusco in worshiping and learning together.

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Angela said...

Oh Anjanette- I am SO sorry you have not posted any pictures! I should love to have seen pastors' wives with tiaras and cushions!!! Certaily something for the Connexion spouses here in the uK to consider at our conference next month