Thursday, July 2, 2009

Snow and cops and robbers

Actually it wasn't snowing where we live in Cusco but this morning the kids were running around in the garden scraping frost off things and they thought it was snow! There is snow on the mountains and many folk in the poor mountain communities are struggling and some are dying because of the cold, strange for us when we receive news of the current heat wave being experienced in the UK!

We seem to have never a dull moment here. On Monday whilst the car was parked Scott is sure someone knocked it since the bumper was hanging off, so he pushed it back on. Jess and Scott went to El Molino market where you can buy just about anything. Scott bought a replacement camera for ours which was stolen/lost last weekend when Scott was travelling and he bought Jessica a bodywarmer to wear over her school uniform. Well in Jessica's words on the journey home a piece of the car fell off a robber stole it, a taxi driver chased after him and then called the police!!!!! Well the police removed it from the thief's lorry and found that it fitted our car perfectly so returned it to us!

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