Friday, July 3, 2009

El Puente

The Cafe church has a name!

well many thanks to all who suggested names for our cafe church

here are some of the suggestions

allusion to England
Cafe blanco y negro
Cafe de la Armonia
Cafe del Pastor Blanco
Big fat pastor
take a break
toma respiro
living water
true satisfaction
bread of life
loaves and fishes
jesus' caf
peru Colator (percolator)
bread and wine
Holy-some food
The Blessed basket
Divine Inspiration
The feeding station
Link to faith
common grounds
CCC( Cusco CafeChurch)
soul cafe
Cafe alma
almas y llamas

well our friends the Browns had the inspiration to use the word Bridge and suggested cafe at the bridge since a bridge is currently being constructed on the cafe's doorstep.
Hence we have chose the name EL PUENTE (The Bridge)

when we open in a few weeks we expect it to be noisy and dusty due to the construction work, but when the bridge is built all those who cross the road will see the sign and we hope will want to come and visit us!!

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