Saturday, July 11, 2009

The cafe is a work in progress

Scott and Ruth the landlady

the previous colour of the walls !

Steve making the coffee bar

The new glass door being put in behind the metal roller shutter.

the bridge across the cultura which is under construction directly outside the cafe church!

This week we have had a new glass door put in , the tables and chairs have been made and a new missionary to Cusco, Steve has helped us build the coffee bar since our carpenter let us down at the last minute! Scott has been cutting wood and changing plug sockets. Next week we need to put in the sink and buy crockery. Jessica's teacher Hannah has allowed us to use some of her excellent black and white photographs of Cusco which we have made into pictures.Everything seems to be coming together and we are very excited. Before the cafe is even up and running we are so encouraged to see the finances being provided praise God for his wonderful provision!

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Noto4x4's said...

Love the pictures! Today at church we saw Terry Miller, Christine Miller, and Joel and Esther on church tour/holiday from their work in Montilla in Spain. It was good to hear what they had to say and Terry is doing an evening meeting for a few housegroups on Tuesday. I was impressed that he remembered who I was. His stepmother Sue Miller was so important to me in my early days at NMBC. Terry Miller was talking about their hopes of being given some land to build on in Montilla. Your pictures of the bridge-to-be and the cafe-to-be made me think of it. lots of love from Annie W.