Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a week!

Michael leads bible study at Thursday meeting

What a week it has been!

*we have started our ministry with the students
*the dog was put down
*we bought a load of furniture from a missionary who is leaving Cusco
*we have had a great time with our house guests
*Sam is sick
*Tomorrow we fly to lima then Guayaqil Ecuador for a training visit !

Bible study, singing, pancakes, new people in the room in Ucchullo Grande that used to be a shop caused many neighbours to peep through the glass door to see what was happening tonight.
We are grateful for an excellent meeting even though the room is cold with a low echoing ceiling and the guitar needs tuning , we are delighted to be here serving and working with a great group of peruvian students in Cusco. Scott made a welcome speech in spanish, Michael led a bible study, Kati played the guitar and Edith and Veronica brought their friends along so we are delighted! After the meeting Scott carried our new furniture down 4 flights of stairs! Sadly Anjanette and the children missed the meeting and stayed at home since Samuel is unwell, we hope he will improve by tomorrow when we are flying first to Lima then the next day to Guayaqil in Ecuador for a training visit to BMS colleagues Pete and Vicky Butchers.

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Bob Simpson said...

Great to get your latest news. Newbold Verdon Baptist Church will be praying for you all on Sunday.
Every blessing from Bob and Doreen Simpson