Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrating Feliz dia de la madre in Los Vergeles ,Ecuador

parachute games

some of Anjanette's mothers' day gifts

making coconut creams

Pastor Pete
the mothers' representative

Well here we are celebrating mothers' day in Ecuador. We attended the childrens' meeting in Los Vergeles this morning where the children sang and played games and made crafts for mothers' day . Then this evening at the 7pm church service the children sang for their mothers and presenting their coconut creams and cards. All the mums in the church had a lucky draw and the winner got to wear a red sash and to be the representative of all the mothers. How amazing to see a new church which has been going for a few years with new christians worshipping our wonderful God.
When pastor Pete asked the children to sing a verse of a worship song they sand so clearly and beautifully, my prayer is that in the years to come that these children continue to follow and worship the Lord who they sang to so beautifully.

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