Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We have arrived in Cusco

Samuel and Pinky
view from our front gate

lots of fun in the hammock

Cusco flag

We are all delighted to be in Cusco at last. The journey was long and we suffered with the altitude but now we have had a few days to rest (unpack!) we are feeling settled and happy. Our house which we are renting from some missionaries for 10 months is plenty big enough for us and many guests so we are looking forward to lots of visitors in the coming weeks and months.

Some friends of ours who we met at language school are German doctors who work in Curhuasi 3 hrs drive from Cusco, they visit Cusco every few weeks to do their grocery shopping, they greeted us and helped us unpack it was lovely to see familiar faces, and great for Sam and Jess to be reunited with their children. The next day we had a lovely visit from Los Brown , the latin link family who live here and have helped us tremendously with our orientation, they are from Eastbourne and have 2 boys similar age to Jess and Sam, it was great to see them again. We praise God for the provision of good friends already!

The highlights of the house are the size of it! Pinky the garden dog who lives here and the hammock in the sun room! Of course the fact that the house is a 5 min walk across the field from Jess and Sam's school is fantastic even though it is up hill on the way there. On the way back the views of the Andes is spectacular!

Today we met Jess and Sam's new teachers , they are really excited about their new school it is bilingual and they have a spanish teacher and an english teacher the classes are 50% spanish 50% english.We are delighted that Jess's english teacher is from England!!

So begins another month of new beginnings new city new house new schools new language teachers, the journey continues thankyou for sharing it with us and praying for us.

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