Friday, February 27, 2009

Cusco here we come

all ready to set off for our long journey

the view of the mountains as we drove to Juliaca

la fraternidad de subjuntivo with their black armbands in mourning for the final class together!

farewell speech

more packing packing packing...............

Cayma church sing goodbye to us

We had a number of Despedida (goodbye) celebrations at our church and at language school , one was a knock at the door with singing outside and our church friends holding a mezcla half Union Jack / half Peruvian flag ,they came to sing goodbye to us and pray for us.
What a busy week, as well as a lot of packing and cleaning we had goodbye meals parties and Scott made a farewell speech in spanish, (Anjanette was excused since she was too emotional a good ploy to get out of public speaking!) And we are feeling emotional to be leaving; God has been so good to us we have been so happy during our 6 months in Arequipa. ABC Language school was not merely somewhere to learn a language but a special place where we have made friends for life (Peruvian Norwegian German Irish American British) and the teachers have helped us with so much more than just language they helped us find our home, buy a car, pass a driving test ........
Right now we are on the journey to Cusco staying overnight in Juliaca at the half way point , we drove for 4 hours through a natural reserve park where we saw wild lamas vicunas alpacas donkeys and a lake with flamingos ! The view as we drove through the mountains was spectacular. Our God is a wonderful creator God!
Tomorrow we look forward to arriving in our new home Cusco ready for the next chapter of our Peruvian adventure.

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