Thursday, October 2, 2008

our house

So you can better imagine what our life is like here we will describe our house.

We live on a secure compound with 24 hr guard at the main gate, we also have a huge heavy gate to enter our front yard/grass parking space which is where the paddling pool goes.

Parallel we have a paved outdoor laundry area, the washing machine and plugs are plumbed in outside and there is a drying area where washing can dry in a few hours at the right time of day.

Our lounge/diner is open plan fairly normal wooden floors throughout good for the constant sweeping we need to do as it is so dusty.

The downstairs bathroom is in the basement, we have cold running water only , we need to remember to put toilet paper in the bin not down the loo as the pipes will get clogged up !

The kitchen has a gas cooker with a cylinder we hope that we don't run out of gas at a really important moment! we either wash up with freezing cold water or boil water on the stove to wash up.

We have a back garden (the children like to say we have 3 gardens) with a built in barbeque that we have yet to work out . We are experimenting with different types of charcoal and lighter fuel and Scott is determined that one day soon we will have it hot enough to actually cook meat on.

Upstairs we have 4 basic bedrooms, the wiring is interesting , whilst leaning against the wall to read in bed can turn the lights on and off .

The upstairs bathroom has an electric shower which usually has warmish water you can not touch anything metal in the shower (like taps) otherwise you get a tiny electric shock. We have no bath ,the children use a baby bath but Jess is fortunately getting used to showers.

So that is a description of our house it is spacious and homely and secure and we are very grateful for that.

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