Saturday, October 4, 2008

Didache preschool Anniversary

Didache Preschool Cayma Arequipa
Sam and his teacher Miss Julianna
Jess and her teacher Miss Lourdes
Sam in the Peruvian football team

Video of happy Birthday School

Today (Saturday) we celebrated 6 years since the start of Sam and Jess's school. It is in the grounds of the Baptist church in Cayma and 6 years ago the church had the vision to open a school to reach out to the community.
We celebrated with the National anthem which all the children sing with great gusto, speeches, presentations ,songs, prayers games, a childrens' football match and lots of food.
The games were hilarious most of them included a child and parent as a team, Jess and Anjanette won the sac race, Sam and Scott won the pouring water from cups into a bottle game, Anjanette is very pleased that the ladies won the tug of war but Scott and Anjanette had little success as a team in the wheelbarrow race.
We are so grateful that Sam and Jess have caring Christian teachers and are so settled and happy in their new school. They are starting to talk in spanish to their friends at playtime and they are even enjoying having to do homework!

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