Thursday, November 13, 2014


Leaders from the Peruvian Baptist Convention pray for Pastor Scott

Anjanette says goodbye to colleagues at the La Fuente clinic

Sometimes despedidas involve dancing!

Sharing time with our friends in Yucay
Anjanette's last day teaching english at Los Patriotas

Almost all despedidas involve food.

The count down is on as we get ready to leave Peru in 2 weeks time. In Latin America many different groups of friends and colleagues want to celebrate a despedida with us. The verb despedir means to take ones leave and a despedida celebration usually involves eating, talking about how much you appreciate the person who is leaving and thanking God for them,  in Christian circles it involves
praying together. So we have started the despedida season, it is necessary for closure but is emotionally very draining. One thing is certain we have felt very loved and appreciated by all the kind words and things that have been said and done. Of course we recognise that nothing would have been done or accomplished without God's help, so a despedida is also a time to think back and thank God for his amazing faithfulness to us and to ask him for strength to get through the next few weeks of despedidas too !

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