Sunday, August 10, 2014

Official opening of our new church building.

Cutting the ribbon at the  church entrance

Wonderful to see the church so full

Welcome to Iglesia El Puente's 5th anniversary

Church BBQ after the anniversary Sunday service

relaxing and enjoying church lunch together
This weekend El Puente Iglesia celebrated the inauguration of our new church building. Although we have been worshiping in the unfinished building for a while things have been very busy the last few weeks and we finished tiling the floor downstairs and installed the kitchen unit and put up the church sign just in time ( the morning of the inauguration) for the special ceremony on Saturday evening.

Church members enjoyed celebrating with  their friends and family and we were thrilled that lots of people from the new community also came, including the family that sold us the house where the church now is. We hired 100 extra chairs and still did not have enough space for all of our visitors.It was wonderful to see the church full.

Once again we are amazed at what a wonderful gift this new church building has been to us. This weekend also marks the church's 5th anniversary  and we remember with great fondness the adventures and ups and downs that we have had along the way, always grateful to God for his guidance and faithfulness to his people. We pray that the contacts we have had with the community this weekend will enable us to deepen friendships with our new neighbours.


Angela said...

Hallelujah and Amen!

Katherine said...

Congrats on your new building!
I'm new in Cusco and am looking for a church family. I'd love to visit ya'll one sunday, but I can't find an address for the church. Could you please e-mail me at when you get a chance? Thanks,