Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Four Seasons

I am going to be very british and talk about the weather.

 Traveling from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere this week has been quite an adventure ,we feel like we have experienced all 4 seasons in a few days!

When we left Cusco last week the weather was similar to a British day in spring, mild and raining.

We then arrived in Lima 1 hour later and immediately felt the heat of the Lima summer , we even complained about the heat, asking for the air conditioning to be put on in the taxi that collected us. Scott got a bit sun burnt as we went out for a walk in the sun!

Posing with a fake snowman on a summers day!

We had a lovely surprise as we arrived in Dallas and saw the beautiful autumn colours. The weather was glorious and when we arrived my cousin was wearing shorts in December!
We made the most of the wonderful weather and took Jess and Sam horse riding on a fabulous warm day

Horse riding in the sunshine

Enjoying the autumn leaves!

and then 2 days later  the artic blast arrived.

Playing in the snow and ice with Jazzy the dog!

And so you see how we have experienced 4 seasons in less than a week .

We are now back in the UK and we have clothes prepared  for every type of weather possible!

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