Friday, February 8, 2013

Great news for El Puente


This week El Puente Iglesia Cusco has purchased an adobe (mud and straw brick) house in Ttio, Cusco which will be the site for our new spiritual home.
We plan to knock down the adobe walls and to construct a purpose built two-storey church building.
We are all absolutely delighted that we will soon have our own permanent "Templo" and we are really excited about the future plans.
We would like to thank everybody who has supported the project financially and prayerfully; we know many people have given sacrificially and that has been a wonderful example to our Cusco church family.
It is a work in progress and we have enough money to complete the ground floor and to start the second floor. Now it is over to El Puente Iglesia to raise the rest.
Please join us in rejoicing and giving thanks for the wonderful way God has provided for us.


David & Hilary McC said...

Wonderful News! We praise God for his guiding and providing

Amanda Quick said...

Fantastic! Much joy. x

Jeannie Kendall said...

Great to hear! At last! God bless Jeannie