Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Family walk on new year's day 2013

The weather in Rainy season in Cusco is very changeable, basically if the sun is shining it is best to go out and enjoy it since moments later there could be heavy rain, hail and the roads often flood as the drains overflow. It rains almost daily sometimes all day, sometimes just for part of the day. The dry yellow hills have now turned a beautiful lush green , the downside is that many homes leak and some people fear that their houses will once again flood as in previous years. The rivers are rising and there have been some landslides in Cusco already. Rainy season will continue for another few months. Well since you need to "aprovechar" (to make the most of ) the sun while it shines we decided to go for a family walk on new year's day, exploring the hill and the woods behind our house, it was a steep breath taking walk up the hill at high altitude; but it was worth it since the view over the city was breath taking too!

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