Sunday, September 9, 2012

Anjanette's Medical Licence

Thankyou to so many people for praying for my licence to practice medicine in Peru. It has proved very difficult for Europeans to get a permanent licence to practice medicine in Peru. I was presented with 3 options, work in a hospital in Peru for 6 months, take an exam in spanish (similar to medical finals which I sat 16 years ago!) or pay a bribe. Well none of those three options were really options for me but we recently learned that I could apply for a 1 year licence , so Praise the Lord after years of frustration waiting for this I now have a licence which I can renew easily each year. This now means we can get the clinic ready and start seeing patients in Huambutio very soon. Con Dios todo es posible!


Deanne said...

fantastic news! Medical finals in spanish, hospital job or a bribe -yes none of those a good option. Thank goodness there was another way!!! xxx

Kristen and Nathan Henson said...

yay yay yay. so excited for you