Friday, March 9, 2012

Miss Columbia is back!

(photos of Jess and Sam helping Claudia paint the storeroom at La Fuente which is now the psychologists office)

Sometimes God gives our family special friends who have a really important relationship with each member of the family. Claudia is one such friend. You will can find her drinking Chai and talking about medicine, art or music with Anjanette, planning youth work or sliding on her knees on the floor and playing the air guitar with Scott, entertaining Jess and Sam and enjoying spanish jokes with them that are too complicated for the adult Williamsons to understand!

Claudia is an active and much loved member of El Puente Iglesia and we were very sad when her visa ran out and she returned to Columbia last November.

Well we are delighted that she is back in Cusco! She is working part time at La Fuente clinic as our Christian psychologist, also part time at a local school and as if that wasn't enough work for her she will be taking responsibility for the youth and childrens' work at our church.
She has already planned the topics from now to the end of the year for our weekly kids club, youth group and Sunday school meetings.

Join us in rejoicing that nuestra amiga Columbiana has returned and also in praying for her and the many important responsibilities that she has.

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