Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Creating more space

After months of storing other peoples' stuff in our shed and spare room, last week most of it was claimed. However it still contained loads of our belongings that needed a good sort through.

Scott and friends put up some shelves and we have been busy sorting through it all and trying to put some order in our lives, I have even managed to put away the Christmas decorations now that we can get in the shed.

As well as building shelves and sorting out storage we had our bathroom renovated this week and as if that wasn't enough chaos and confusion we also started knocking down the window and lower wall from the main church sanctuary leading to the conservatory area. We need more space in church so have decided to put the musicians in the conservatory area to allow space for more chairs.

So for now we have a temporary solution to our church building problem, thankfully the landlady was very obliging and let us knock down the window and wall. It is a temporary solution because as the church continues to grow there are no more walls we can knock down.....

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David Gordon said...

One would imagine a Pastor's/missionary 's role would include all sorts ! Really good news ,though, that the Church is growing !Looks like your enjoying it too! Praise God!