Friday, February 10, 2012

Holiday club report

Thankyou for praying with us, the first week of our February holiday club has been great. We are excited that we have come into contact with some new families and have had some good conversations with the church's immediate neighbours.Every day new children have attended and some have returned which has been encouraging.

In the morning whilst we run the kids holiday club we have been serving tea coffee and cake for the parents, it has become an impromptu coffee shop and a number of our neighbours have come in to chat with us , one of whom then attended our church prayer meeting for the first time last night .

We have had a number of church members help out and it has been great to have so much activity going on in the church building. Whilst the action team and Cecilia have been running the club in the mornings Anjanette has been walking around the neighbourhood with Sylvia giving out fliers and inviting people, we were excited that one lady who lives near the church invited us into her home to pray with her.

In the evenings we are running a club for young people and are pleased to see some new faces joining the group, we pray that after this month when school and college restarts and we go back to the weekly youth meeting pattern that many more young people will get involved in the church's activities.

We are very blessed to have this opportunity to run a holiday club for a whole month, please continue to pray with us that many will be touched by God's presence this month through this venture.

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David Gordon said...

Great ! Sounds very exciting , will keep praying .