Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Celebrating the end of the long school holidays!

Well perhaps the children or the teachers are not ready for school to restart but Scott and Anjanette are excited that after 10 weeks of schools hols Jess and Sam are restarting school this week!

Jess and Sam have played together and behaved fairly well (apart from playing bungee jumping and Jessica trying to bungee Samuel off the upstairs landing!) they have done some extra English reading and writing with Anjanette and we are delighted with how their English has progressed over the last few months. Samuel has been loving reading Horrid Henry, Yuck and The Clumsies, Jessica and Anjanette enjoyed reading Alice in Wonderland together. There has been much creativity and cooking,tentmaking, digging up worms and making mud pies in the garden but it has to be said we are looking forward to restarting our school routine. Running the church, working in the clinic and looking after the action team has been quite a challenge for the last 10 weeks with the children at home.
January and February 2013 PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO COME AND VISIT AND HELP US LOOK AFTER JESS AND SAM ! Apart from the bungee episode they are quite well behaved really!

And to prove what an angel he is , here is a prayer that Sam wrote out in spanish.
It translates "Help me Lord to speak to my friends about you, Amen."

Please pray for Jess and Sam on March 1st as they restart school, that they will settle well and enjoy being back at Ausangate and that indeed Samuel and Jess will have the courage to talk to their friends about God.

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