Thursday, December 8, 2011

Feliz Navidad

Sam putting the star at the top of the tree

two very silly reindeers

Today in Peru (Dec 8th) it is a public holiday to celebrate the feast of the immaculate conception.
It has been great to read and study the story of the annunciation this week both as a family and also with our church ladies bible study group. We have been amazed and challenged by Mary's simple obedience to God.

Anjanette has been experiencing some pressure from the rest of the family to put up the Christmas tree so since Jess and Sam are off school we decided to get the decorations out. Last Christmas we were in the UK so our tree has not had an airing for 2 years, we did have a mouse nibble it a bit while we were away but it still looks fine, this is our first Christmas in this house and as you can see from the photo of Sam putting the star on top of the tree the ceiling is lower in this house!

It is always a treat to get out the christmas tree decorations that we have accumulated over the 14 years we have been married and to remember God's faithfulness to us.
So the Williamsons now have a new Christmas tradition, we have decided that on Dec 8th we will decorate our tree each year.

Jess and Sam sing Feliz Navidad

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