Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chocolatada en Huambutio

A few hundred people from the community in Huambutio attended the chocolatada.
We gave the children small toys and the young people received notebooks and pens. In this photo Jessica is marking the hands of each person who receives a toy. Jessica really enjoyed helping out and serving. She also spent a lot of time before hand helping to sort all the donated clothes into different sizes. We are delighted that she is developing a heart to serve and help others.

Distribution of sweet bread. At Christmas, it is traditional for the whole community to come together to drink hot chocolate and eat sweet bread to celebrate Christmas together.

Rodrigo giving out hot chocolate. We had a good turn out from El Puente and lots of our church members from Cusco came along to help, it was a great church event. Our church members have opened their hearts to this community where early in the New Year we hope to start the clinic/cell church group.

Samuel also joined in , especially since jumping in the back of our friends' pick up was so much fun! Here he is helping to load 50 bags of donated clothes into the truck.

Scott and Toto share the Christmas story with the community. Toto has only been attending our church for the last few months, how wonderful to have him join us in Huambutio reading the bible there!
It was a great time to be together sharing the good news, food, toys and clothes with our friends in Huambutio. Many thanks to those of you who donated clothes or money to make this possible, it was a very special event.

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