Friday, December 2, 2011

boxes of treats

Our spare bedroom has been full of many boxes and bags of clothes and shoes for the last few months. A dear friend in the UK collects clothes which she sends out to us on a regular basis , we also have some large bags of donated clothes from a Peruvian family as well as stuff that Jess and Sam have grown out of .

Basically for the last few months we have been waiting for a time to sort through it all so we can give the clothes out to people that need them for Christmas. What a joy and a relief that the action team took this job in hand.

Now everything is sorted and organised and we have a list of what clothes and sizes and ages we have. Some of the clothes will be given to some quechua ladies from our friends church, most will probably be given out when we do a Christmas presentation and a chocolotada in Huambutio in the next few weeks. Hopefully many people will be happy and blessed to receive these gifts and we will be glad to have some space in our spare room for a while too!

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