Friday, November 18, 2011

School camp

Before:bright eyed and bushy tailed, all ready for camp

After: exhausted and muddy , ready for bath and bed!

Jess and Sam are back from school camp exhausted but happy and feeling very grown up. For Samuel it was his very first night staying on his own away from other family members, he camped in a class room in his school with most of the other children in 1st grade. The highlight of his school sleep over was staying up late watching a movie eating popcorn! Jessica who is in 3rd grade joined grades 2-4 who camped in a tent on a school play ground near lake Huacarpay. The highlight for Jessica was the kids disco (chicoteca) It is amazing to see them becoming more and more independent, they packed their bags themselves, sadly they will not be washing all the muddy clothes themselves!
Scott and Anjanette managed not to miss them too much and spent a lovely evening out with friends so all in all a great time was had by all .

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