Saturday, October 15, 2011

Moving church premises again!

The space that we currently rent for our church meetings is basically a hall with a tiny corner separated for the creche area (imagine a largish cupboard) and our older church children go "off site" to the missionary's home for their Sunday school class. This is not ideal and to be perfectly honest if we were visitors or a young family looking for a church I don't think we would be very attracted to the current set up for childrens' minstry at El Puente. It is important that the childrens' work is taken seriously , our current rental contract is also up for renewal and the landlord could decide to increase the rent or ask us to leave so the church leaders decided that we would look for a bigger place that cost a similar amount. Some of us doubting that we would find such a place for the price available!

On Thursday morning Scott prayed that God would provide a suitable place for the church and then he looked in the newspaper where properties are advertised. We are all amazed that a few hours later 4 out of 5 of the church leaders are in the new place chatting to our prospective new landlady. 5 mins walk from where we currently meet is a ground floor maisonette to rent it has a large open space which we would use for our main meetings and then 2 separate rooms which would be used for creche and Sunday school.(As well as a kitchen and bathroom) It is in a safe , middle class residential area and is perfect for our needs and the price is right too ! Right now Scott and Luis (the 5th church leader who hasn't seen it yet) are talking to the new landlady about the contract .

We will possibly be moving our church meeting place in a few weeks time! In true Peruvian style we will have an inauguration ceremony! We are signing a 2 year contract and are very hopeful that in the next 2 years we will raise the money that we need to buy our own church building then we won't have to keep moving all the time . God is certainly showing us that El Puente church is the people and not the building!

When we first moved to Peru our language teachers told us that a missionary needs a bible in one hand and a suitcase in another, how true that is !!

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