Monday, October 3, 2011

Clothes donation

Jess and Sam are growing like weeds ,they are much taller than their Peruvian friends and Samuel's nickname at school is cuello largo which means long neck! We recently had a big clear out of clothes they have grown out of and which need a new home.
When we lived in the UK we passed clothes on to friends or often gave them to charity shops. Today it was a real joy for us to take sackloads of Jess and Sam's old clothes (and some dressing up shoes too which were well received!) to a christian orphanage on the outskirts of Cusco where some of our friends work. This afternoon they had a team meeting, so us visiting meant that we could help to look after the children while the staff held their meeting. The photos are of Jess and Sam and some babies, the reality was Sam played with the babies for about 30 seconds and played with the older kids for about 3 hours! Jessica was a huge help cuddling, feeding and singing to the babies as well as having a lot of fun running around with the older children too!
Hearing the stories of how the children came to be there was heartbreaking, but what a blessing to be in such a loving environment with happy well cared for cheeky children!

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sally mallett said...

That is a really awesome experience for Sam and Jess. Kids really do have too much these days and they don't realise how fortunate they are. Lots of love to you guys xoxoxox Sal, Ant, Grace and Evie