Sunday, August 28, 2011

Learning what it means to be a church family.

spending time with Daniella

We love our church family

celebrating with Claudia

comforting Sylvia

This has been a difficult week for our church, Manuel was the first church member to die and we have been supporting Sylvia at the hospital, the velorium, the funeral and afterwards. We also had a fun celebration as we celebrated Claudia's birthday together, Claudia is from Columbia, we know how it feels to be far from family and friends on your birthday so the whole church had a big party to celebrate with her , the celebrations actually started by singing happy birthday to her at midnight when our church prayer meeting finished!
God is reminding us that church is not somewhere we meet once a week, nor is it just a building, we are journeying together striving to live and worship together and to love each other sacrificially like the new testament church did.
El Puente church is rallying round Sylvia cooking meals, hosting her in our homes and helping her with practical arrangements, she needs to wait 3 months to receive her husband's pension and so meanwhile church family will love her and support her practically.
Our house has become the hub of the church, every day people from church are in and out of our home to share meals with us, to visit, for meetings, music practice or just to pop over play in our garden. This week we have all prayed together, laughed together and wept together, we are delighted that in the midst of all this new people are attending our church, we hope that they too will feel welcomed and loved and find a spiritual home at El Puente.

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