Monday, July 18, 2011

New Friends (by Anjanette)

with Kristen, looking good in our "la Fuente" outfits

con mis amigas Claudia y Cecilia

One of the saddest things about leaving the UK 3 years ago was saying goodbye to our fabulous friends and family. We know that God has a perfect plan for our lives and he has blessed us with amazing friendships over the last few years and also used us to befriend others in need of friendship. I would like to introduce you to some of my new friends.

Kristen is a nurse practioner from America, she and her husband moved to Cusco 2 months ago. Kristen and I work together seeing patients at La Fuente clinic and she is a terrific help. She decreases my medical work load and she also helps me with very important practical things like helping to drive the kids to school on the way to the clinic. We so appreciate the ex pats who helped us to settle in Cusco during those first few difficult months a few years ago, it is great to be of some help to others in a similar situation, she is fast becoming a good friend and I thank God for her.

It is every missionary's dream to develop deep and lasting relationships with local people. We are very blessed that in the last 2 months Claudia from Columbia and Cecilia (my Peruvian friend who recently moved back to Peru from USA) and her family have joined our church family. Both of them were looking for a new church since moving to Cusco, and we are so thankful that God sent them to El Puente. I have some wonderful new latino friends who I love spending time with regularly and my life is greatly enriched because of our friendships .

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