Thursday, July 28, 2011

Huambutio holiday club August 2011

Please join us in praying for our first ever El Puente holiday club event which will take place next week.
On Monday and Tuesday 1st and 2nd August our church is running a holiday club in the school in Huambutio. Huambutio is the village on the outskirts of Cusco where we soon hope to start a small clinic and cell group, the headteacher of the school has invited us to run a holiday club event during the school holidays, we have no idea how many children will attend ( it could be as many as 200 if they all come!)
Please pray that the church members from Cusco who participate in the club will know great joy in serving, for all the logistics and practicalities, for safety , for good communication, for fun and friendships and most importantly that God's love will be shown to the community there. Thankyou!

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