Sunday, June 5, 2011

BMS Latin America retreat

After almost 4 years of being with BMS World Mission it was wonderful for us to have the opportunity to finally meet those who live in Brazil. BMS has a long history of working in Brazil for 5o years , we enjoyed getting to know some of the missionaries who have served there for many many years. In contrast Peru is a new country to our organisation ( BMS has been there 5 years so far) and so it was interesting to exchange stories, ideas ,dreams and aspirations with folk who have much more experience than we do.

Jess and Sam loved playing with the other children and young people and it was a joy to finally see James and Julia Henley in Latin America. James and Julia are both baptist ministers and they flew out to join us at the retreat before flying to Peru.

It was great that the whole Peru team flew back to Lima together ; Gill, Harland and their daughters (who work in Iquitos) Margaret (Lima) the Ropers (Cusco), Williamsons (Cusco) and the Henleys (soon to go to Arequipa to learn spanish) .

How exciting to see the Peru team is growing, please do pray for God's blessing,protection,strength and guidance for the whole Latin America team.

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