Friday, May 27, 2011

Caldas Novas

Jess posing by the pool!

Sam posing by the pool

family photo in the pool the day Sam learned to swim!

lots of fun at the pirate ship kids pool,

Didn't manage to discover the elegant way to get in or out of these huge rings!

sleeping at the airport waiting to board our plane at 0100!

Well after an incredibly long journey we arrived in Caldas Novas. We had a few days holiday before the Latin America BMS retreat . We loved the tropical weather in Brazil and spent our 4 days holiday in and out of the various swimming pools available. Caldas Novas is a spa town built around thermal pools with numerous swimming pools and water parks .Coming from cold Cusco what a treat to lie in the warm water and soak up the sun and even more so for the children to have so many opportunities to swim.
Samuel and Jessica proved themselves far more adventurous than their mother whizzing down the flumes and slides! We are particularly delighted that Samuel became really confident with his swimming and is very proud of himself!
What an amazing opportunity to visit a new country and to relax and unwind .

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