Sunday, May 15, 2011

Celebrating May birthdays

Scott went quad biking with some friends for his birthday celebration.

Anjanette Jess and Sam at her birthday tea.

And of course, the cake in the face:
Firstly we pray for Pastor Scott and thank God for him!

Next we sing to him ( he looks a little nervous since he knows what's coming next.....)

Finally we push his face in the cake!

Well the week of birthday celebrations is here. Thankyou for all of the birthday greetings we have recieved! So this is the week of celebrating and eating lots of cake . This is how El Puente Iglesia celebrates with their beloved Pastor

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Angela said...

Happy birthday Scott and Anjanette. I think I should introduce the idea of Cake-In-The-Pastor's-Face here at KM when it is Bob's birthday!

blessings x