Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thankyou Bristol team.

Thankyou for praying for us we have had the most amazing time together!

Not long after we got back to Peru we helped the Ropers settle into their new home and it seemed as if soon after the Ropers moved out of our house we were preparing for the next big event preparing the timetable for the arrival of our visitors!

We had no idea how hosting a large group of non spanish speakers would really work out but it has been amazing. Steve the principal of Bristol Baptist college previously worked as a missionary in Peru in Cajamarca, so having him leading the team was wonderful, he preached at a number of meetings and was a very helpful translator. We really appreciated his wisdom and insight into mission as we reflected on what God was showing us and teaching us.

The team were really willing to get stuck into whatever was asked of them, public speaking and praying, painting, gardening,cooking,serving ,playing music, organising kids games or classroom lessons, even doing action songs in quechua when we did our hospital visiting.

So as well as having had a lot of fun,making some terrific friends and enjoying a lot of laughter and some tears they have really left behind some treasure for us.

As a result of the community events we held , we now have some new people attending our church, please do pray for these new folk and wisdom for us as we get to know them and disciple them.
The team was a huge blessing to La Fuente clinic and also to the hospital. They helped us take the lessons at the school in Huambutio, helping us to build up stronger relationships in the community.

So thankyou Bristol team, you have blessed us more than you can imagine. A HUGE thankyou to those who looked after their families back in the UK who made it possible for them to come!

Please pray for them as they go back to the UK and try and process what God has taught them . We know that they will all be terrific pastors and it is our prayer that this time in Peru will make them keen to engage their churches in mission at home and overseas.

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