Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos Jessica

Today for Jessica's 8th birthday we have been thinking about things beginning with P

Party, Pass the Parcel ( a game we have taught our Norwegian, Canadian, American, German and Peruvian friends), Parilla (spanish word for barbeque, always a must when the Williamsons have friends over to celebrate birthdays in Cusco, and the sun shone all day!) Pinata, we bought a cheap cardboard one from the market for £1.25 and stapled it together and filled it with sweets, and Pastor our theme for the church service , straight after the party was "El Senor es mi Pastor" (The Lord is my shepherd) And so you really get a flavour of what life is like in the Williamson household Poor old Pastor Scott ended the day with a Plunger in his hand as the loo was blocked !!

We had a great time celebrating Jessica Ruby's 8th birthday. We are very blessed to have lovely friends here in Cusco to celebrate with. We hope you enjoy these Photos of the celebrations...

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Angela said...

Happy Birthday Jessica. Hope you had Plenty of Pleasant Presents.
Sorry to hear that the Pastor had Pipework and Plumbing Problems!

blessings x