Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trip to Madrid

We are so grateful to have loving grandparents who look after Jess and Sam, Scott's parents had Jess and Sam for a few days allowing us to grab an easy jet bargain and fly to Madrid and practice our Peruvian spanish, people could understand us most of the time!
How exciting to see spring blossoms and sit in an outdoor cafe after the cold snow in Scotland the week before! We enjoyed the spanish food, architecture, museums and art galleries and had a lovely break. Now we are gearing up to go back to Cusco saying our final goodbyes, clearing our stuff out of Anjanette's parents garage and organising our packing . Feb 28th is the BMS World Mission day of prayer, please pray for the work BMS is involved in all over the world and please remember us in prayer as we start our long journey back to Cusco then too! We will arrive in Cusco on March 1st , then Jess and Sam have their first day of the new school year on March the 2nd !

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