Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Searching questions

Generally our link visits consist of speaking engagements at our supporting churches, however a few have involved schools work when we are visiting a church that has close links with schools.
This week as we visited Vale Community Church in Bedfordshire we also visited 2 primary schools that the church works with.
In each school we took 1 class room session and 1 assembly, we did a geography/spanish language class and the children had spent some time in advance thinking of questions for us. Jess and Sam made new friends and played in the playground at playtime, Anjanette felt a little in awe of the fact that for the first time in her life she entered "The staff room!" For the first time in many years we all enjoyed school dinners!
Jess and Sam thoroughly enjoyed the time in schools, as it was interesting for the british children to discover about life in Peru it was interesting for Jess and Sam to experience life in a british school. We had some wonderful questions from the children, one was very concerned that since we lived at such high altitude closer to space then didn't we need space suits like spacemen? But the favourite and most honest searching question of the day was "Why are you here?"

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