Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our World project

practicing their bandaging skills for the our world Peruvian clinic

Jess points out South America on a huge inflatable globe!

We had great fun visiting our friend Georgina and as you see in the photo Jess Sam and Georgina certainly enjoyed playing with the props from her schools' Peru clinic project.

Georgina works with flame trust and has devised an excellent project called Our World. She teaches schools and church groups and runs workshops about Our World, a fun interactive program where children are challenged to think about life in a developing country. The workshop involves making houses out of plastic bags, learning about child labour (the children have a go at shoe shining), thinking about water resources (the children learn how precious water is as they carry and distribute water) and there is an interactive clinic session challenging the children to think about using resources as they dress up and take on the role of doctors, nurses and patients in the Peruvian clinic. Like all good teaching projects the kids are having so much fun learning about these important issues that they don't even realise it is work! Jess and Sam certainly had fun playing "clinic" all afternoon!

Georgina visited us in Peru last year so she even has presentations teaching children about life in the Williamson family!
for more information about Our World cut and paste the following link into your browser:

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