Sunday, January 2, 2011

Link Visits

Well our Christmas break is over and once again we are on the motorway (that Samuel calls the run way!) visiting our supporting churches, we particularly enjoyed meeting some retired BMS missionaries, John and Shirley who worked in the Congo back in the 60s and also the legendary Christine Preston who just retired after decades of service with BMS in Asia. It is wonderful being part of the BMS family and a privelege to travel the country raising awareness for BMS World Mission. Jess and Sam have been having fun making new friends in the various churches and were sad to learn that we won't be returning to each church for another 2 years!

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andy said...


From Andy at Aylestone Baptist.

Good, got to the Blog.
Seems to work on the library kit.

Will be watching it again soon.

Thank you for visiting us.

Best wishes for 2011.

Prayers for a safe return soon.