Friday, December 3, 2010

Huambutio Clinic

One of our dreams before we even moved to Peru was to establish a joint clinic/church plant in a poor needy area.
Well after consultation with folk from La Fuente clinic in San Jeronimo Cusco, more recently our bosses in BMS World Mission and a sense that God is clearly leading us to start this project , we are excited that we have had approval from BMS to start a clinic/church in Huambutio.
Huambutio is a poor village in the countryside a short drive outside Cusco, we have some church members from there who have a heart to serve the community there , the community and surrounding villages have no health care facility and are asking for a clinic . We are really excited about the opportunity to bless this community and to be involved in health, a church plant and education in the village.
Now to get to this point there has been a slight change of plan, you will recall that we were so involved with the community in Yucay with our relief work after the floods that we did consider that possibility of starting a clinic/church in Yucay. Two big problems with that would be the distance for us to travel to Yucay from Cusco and the cost of renting/buying land in the sacred valley, ultimately it was felt that we would possibly risk burning ourselves out trying to run such a project as well as our work in Cusco and that to effectively church plant we should live close to the community in Yucay, so imagine our joy when a decision was made for BMS to send a new church planting couple (currently in training at IMC) to look at the possibility of starting a church in Yucay, this is a huge answer to prayer for us and frees us up to concentrate on the work in Huambutio.
You may remember that last Christmas we held a chocolotada in Huambutio and always had intentions to focus some outreach work there, how wonderful that these dreams are coming to fruition. The intention is that the Huambutio clinic will be a branch clinic from La Fuente in San Jeronimo and that we will seek to find and train lay folk in the community to be health promoters for the villages so that the project will one day become sustainable by locals .

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