Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chat to Cusco

What a blessing skype is! It was brilliant today to have a long chat with dear friends from our church in Cusco,to talk to each one individually and see their faces on the computer screen. A few months ago Anjanette invited one of her patients from the clinic to attend our church, how wonderful that in recent weeks since we have been on home assignment in the UK that she and her large family have started attending our church and it was great to chat with her today on skype along with the rest of the church.
Seeing our church family in Cusco reminds us how much we love them and miss them , this weekend we will restart our busy schedule visiting UK churches and talking about the work we are doing in Peru. It is encouraging and exciting meeting folk in our supporting churches and to have opportunities to share about our work but a large part of us is eager to get back to Cusco soon.

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