Thursday, November 18, 2010

Visit to Didcot

in the recording studio being interviewed by Jonty

This week we have been at Baptist house in Didcot where BMS World Mission (also the Baptist Union of Great Britain) have their head quarters, we had a time of reflection, debriefing, being updated about the mission and also to have planning meetings about future Cusco projects and teams who will be visiting us. Jess Sam and Anjanette enjoyed spending time with the Dunn family, Scott stood in the freezing cold watching Didcot Town play football and he also led an all day seminar at Baptist house for new ministerial students. It was the first time we took Jess and Sam to Didcot and was great to reconnect with many folk in the BMS family.


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

As part of the noisy after lunch group, I really appreciated you straying off script. On reflection, I can see I was interpreting that slightly more sinisterly than merely having a brief to complete in a limited time. It was very good to hear of your reliance on the Bible and relationship as the main bases for a community of God's people. I'm grappling with how to do that with marginalised men in London and found your personal story told with enthusiasm as helpful as any theory. As I said, I'm in this whole process of ministerial formation for the very reasons you were expressing, connecting people in communities who are following Jesus.
Pete (

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your personal input in the noisy after lunch group. Thanks for wandering a bit from your brief to share your heart.

Pete []