Friday, October 22, 2010


church prayer meeting

La Fuente staff and families

In spanish despedir means to say farewell/ take your leave and it is cultural practice when somebody is moving away or leaving in Peru to have a special farewell meal or speech and a chance to be together and wish them well
So this week has been full of meeting (and eating!) saying goodbye to folk. We had a farewell lunch with all the nurses and docs who work at the La Fuente clinic along with our families and we had a church lunch with all our church family before our last church service last week then tonight we had a prayer meeting and communion service at our home where some church folk came to pray with us before we leave, most of them will also come to the airport to wave us off for our final despedida! The way God has worked in our lives and those around us this last 2 years has been amazing and we are ready for a bit of a rest and some time to assess our work and our projects and to recharge the batteries and plan for the next episode! We have attended numerous despedidas here in Peru in the last years and it is exciting to think that this time we are the ones travelling we are all very excited............

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