Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fun in the Winter Sun

friends enjoying the dressing up box!

sheltering from the sun under umbrellas!

Sam is so happy to have some space to play football

paddling pool in winter!

Scott, always happy when the barbecue is going!

Well technically it is winter in Peru; in July and August it is colder at night and August is the windy month when people fly kites and the Williamson family get themselves tied in knots trying to assemble kites! During the winter months the schools start and finish time is pushed back by 30 mins due to the cold mornings , the clinic where Anjanette works is even colder than usual , the ink in our pens freezes and the nurses need to warm the digital thermometers up in the sun each morning!
In Cusco city we haven't suffered more than we would expect for this time of year from the cold but folk living higher in the mountains have experienced an unexpected cold spell and places like Lima and the jungle have been unusually cold , you may have heard some parts of the country have been declared a state of emergency due to the cold. This week we celebrated our 2 year anniversary living in Peru thanks be to God for his faithfulness to us over the last 2 years. Here are a few photos of us having fun in the garden in the Cusco Winter! It is usually warmer outside in the sun that inside the house and in the evening at high altitude ( about 6pm) when the sun goes down then you really feel the temperature drop. We do miss the long summer nights in the UK , along with central heating and double glazing however it is great to live in a place where we can experience blazing hot sun in the day during winter!

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