Monday, July 19, 2010

Moving church

Well we moved house last week and so this week we move church! We have outgrown the small room where we have been meeting so are moving to a larger warmer location which is round the corner from the old church still close to the bridge so the name El puente is still very apt! The new church building is not on the main road (the cultura) hence the rent is much cheaper which is also wonderful. Our director of missions Peter Dunn and his family are staying with us and helping us get the church ready for the move, Pastor Pedro is a dab hand at DIY which is a huge blessing for us !!! On Sunday 25th July we will inaugurate the new church building and Peter will be preaching , in Peru the inaugural ceremony is all important! Thankyou God for providing this great new location for us and thankyou for sending the Dunn family ( Peter, Jane Tim and Ruth) to help us!

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