Saturday, May 29, 2010

Moving house again!!!

Our currrent house is extremely dark and cold, as we move into winter here , our concrete house does not warm up even if the days are sunny, it is so so so cold at night ! We put on more layers when we come into the house from outside! No central heating or double glazing in Peru!
It is also not ideal sharing the garage and the patio with the landlord so we are delighted that it is possible for us to move house in July . There is a large warm private house with a garden that missionaries from another mission have rented for years, as they leave Cusco their landlord is keen to continue renting to missionaries . The new house is even closer to El Puente cafe iglesia than where we currently live and the sun enters the house which is very exciting for us !!!!
So once again we are sorting out and packing . Never a dull moment in the Williamson household!


Bakkesblogg said...

As you know Scott, since you find it better to live in an other city then I, my English have turn from bad to worse. I’m therefore always a bit afraid to write on you blog. But I will say that I don’t liked to reed that you need to change house. I know how terrible tired you where of changing house so I can understand this is tough for you. In the other hand I love to hear that me mission can help in this situation. You have to give some real real great and big hugs to your wife and children from us. I am looking forward to see you in to weeks and the whole family en august. Love from me!!

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