Friday, March 26, 2010

Georgina's visit

Chicas Lindas!

helping Margareta cut and fold gauze ready for use in the clinic

one of hundreds of stories that Georgina read to Jess and Sam

the obligatory llama photo!

We are so grateful for good friends.We left the UK 19 months ago and the thing we miss most about home is family and friends.
Anjanette's friend Georgina Varney came out to visit while Scott was away for 2 weeks to help look after the children and to keep her company.
They first became friends in 1991 on an overseas mission trip before Anjanette went to University. On that trip Georgina prayed with Anjanette that God would help her to fulfill her calling to be a missionary doctor!
Well what fun we had, Auntie Georgina is a really good sport, she coped with Samuel stroking her face at 6 o'clock in the mornings, she read a mountain of bedtime stories each night and even joined in the macarena and ketchup song dance with the kids.Georgina accompanied Anjanette during her work at the cafe church, fuente clinic,Yucay, the medical campaign in Huacarpay, she took some lessons at Ausangate school and had a spanish lesson from our language teacher too!
When we were finishing bible college almost 2 years ago Georgina helped us pack our freight boxes putting little messages in which we enjoyed discovering as we unpacked them in Peru. Georgina has been teaching children in UK schools and churches about Peru and we are grateful for the money that she raised and brought out to help with the various projects we are involved in.
Everyone should have a wonderful faithful friend like Georgina!

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