Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1st day of school

Well after almost 12 weeks off school for the long summer hols we are not sure who is more excited that school restarts today , Jess and Sam woke up and put on their new school uniforms at 0600 this morning! They both start and finish at the same time this year 0800-1400 so that gives us more time for work in the church and the clinic and a morning off (each Monday) and means we only have to do the school run twice instead of 3 times a day. We are grateful that they both enjoyed school so much last year, please pray that they will quickly settle with their new teachers this year. Sam's spanish teacher is Miss Miriam and his english (peruvian) teacher is Mr Tony, it will be great for him to have a male teacher. Jess's spanish teacher is called Miss Suzanne and her english ( from England!) teacher is also called Miss Suzanne!!

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