Tuesday, January 26, 2010

please pray for Mariela

Mariela often comes to our church services and helps out in the cafe she is good friends with Edith who works in the cafe. Mariela's family live in Calca where there has been terrible flooding, we spoke to her today and she told us she was in the house by herself since her parents are working away from home in the jungle when the flood happened and her house was destroyed. Currently she and her neighbours (approxiamately 200 people) are living inside school buildings. We just heard this news so tomorrow Michell one of our church leaders and Edith will travel to visit her as she is asking that we take some food to her. We raided our cupboards and shelves and they will buy more supplies for her as they go tomorrow to find out what really needs to be done to help her and her community.We pray that she quickly makes contact with her parents, for their safety and also the safety of Edith and Michell as they travel tomorrow, various bridges have collapsed so what is usually a short journey will probably take them about 4 hours. Scott is currently away at the assembly for Peruvian baptist pastors but when he is back next week we will reassess what more we can do to help Mariela.

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