Thursday, January 21, 2010

Emergency trip to Lima

As soon as he boarded the aircraft Anjanette's dad could breathe easier. There was a bit of a drama as the plane was delayed and Joe was getting anxious so the airline at the last minute agreed to let Anjanette and Joe travel on the plane in front, they ran (without Anjanette's mobile phone or any money) and boarded the plane thankfully Scott Merlyn and the children arrived one hour later and they met them in the baggage reclaim area at Lima airport. We had a pleasant surprise when we stepped off the plane and the humidity hit us, Lima in January is hot and at times sunny so it was nice to get the summer clothes out of the wardrobe and feel some heat!

Joe needed to be examined by doctors at sea level; we took him to a private hospital where he saw the emergency doctor followed by the respiratory professor he had ECG, chest x ray,spirometry, blood tests, blood gases and a lung CT all for about £600 within a few hours of walking in to the hospital without an appointment! He did however walk out with a diagnosis of idiopathic chronic interstitial lung disease which explains why he was short of breath at the higher altitude in Cusco. The CT showed a lot of lung damage and we are coming to terms with this diagnosis.
His condition will unfortunately deteriorate in time although currently at sea level he feels well.

So it has been a whirlwind week of hospital appointments, endless conversations with the insurance company enjoying being in a big city with shopping malls and walks along the sea front as well as treats for Jess and Sam like open air swimming and a visit to the zoo!
It was great to spend time with our friend Libby who studied at the same language school as us in Arequipa as well as meeting the new BMS Peru baby!! Gill and Harland and Ingny were staying in Lima awaiting the new new arrival and how thrilling for us to meet their new one day old baby daughter yesterday!!

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Michael and Kristi Rains said...

Glad you were able to get to Lima and take care of things. We have been here for a week doing paperwork (after returning from the U.S.) We plan to drive down to Arequipa tomorrow (Sat.).